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The Glyco-What?

The glycocalyx, which is the sugar-rich outer coating on all eukaryotic cell membranes, mediates cell-cell, cell-extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions, and senses other extracellular cues physiologically. Glycocalyx biopolymers (glycopolymers) are
ubiquitous in the body and dysregulated in pathological states, such as cancer. We are
particularly interested in its role in cancer and other pathologies within the central
nervous system. 



To generate creative approaches in understanding mechanisms in cancer and neurological disorders to mitigate their impact through the lens of the glycocalyx with rigorous and meaningful science, collaborations, and integrity as well as being respectful of those who are doing the science, those who we impact, and the diverse identities in between and beyond.


Our group aims to harness the biophysical and biochemical nature of the glycocalyx in understanding disease progression and developing future therapeutic targets and techniques to mitigate these diseases of interest.

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