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Glyco-Diversity Lab

Director: Monét Roberts, Ph.D.

227 Kelly Hall

325 Stanger Street

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA 24061

The glycocalyx, a wondrous sight,

A sugar-coated veil so bright,

Adorned upon each cell and tissue,

A tiny universe, so rich and issue.

It shields and protects, a guardian true,

Against invaders, it stays in queue,

A line of defense, a natural wall,

A barrier strong, it stands tall.

But beyond its role in defense,

It has a deeper significance,

A signal of self, a molecular code,

Identifying each cell, a unique mode.

It is a communicator, a messenger too,

Passing on signals, with precision and hue,

A language of sugars, so complex and vast,

Interpreted by cells, a dialogue so fast.

The glycocalyx, a wonder indeed,

A symphony of sugars, a mystical breed,

A symbol of life, a harmony of parts,

A story untold, yet close to our hearts.
-Poem by ChatGPT

Created with Dream by WOMBO

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